Legal and general terms of services

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Modifications.- ARGENTA GROUP reserves itself the right, at it's own will, of interrupting, modify or alter in any form and moment the information contained in the Site.

Responsibility.- ARGENTA GROUP will not be held responsible of the truthfulness and fiability of the information contained in the Site or anyways, in other Site or Sites bound to the same.

Resignation.- The user resigns and frees ARGENTA GROUP of any responsibility or controversy derived from the Site usage. The user assumes any cost or expense of any damage, maintenance or repair produced as consequence of the use or consultation of the Site.

Compliance.- The user obliges itself to comply with all the laws applicable to the Site use or, in due case, those applicable to the user.

The user obliges itself to clear in peace and safely ARGENTA GROUP and it's directors, employees, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, clients and suppliers of any damage wich may arise from the incorrect use of the Site or for non-compliance to any of the aforementioned concepts, including lawyer fees.