About Us

ARGENTA GROUP is formed by a group of companies in USA and Mexico, dedicated to the marketing of high added value products manufactored in Europe, Asia and North America. We cover all the country through our wide network of distributors and offices.

ARGENTA GROUP has differentiated itself through logistics and service, all within a SAP platform for information management. Advanced systems for inventory control and consolidated distribution centers (Laredo, Tx and Mexico City) guarantee supply JUST IN TIME to our clients.



  • 22 years experience in the efficient management of the distribution chaín using the services of our own Customs Broker Agency and our new DISTRIBUTION CENTER located in Laredo, Texas.
  • Our Technical Department with the best group of experts can solve any kind of technical problems either in applications or product selection to satisfy customer needs.
  • Our wide distribution net and regional offices in USA, Mexico and South America allow us to offer adequate service level and technical support required by our clients.
  • Our sales force is carefully selected and has sales executives graduated in the several professional disciplines in accordance with the lines of products we offer.
  • Our distribution chain is controlled in our SAP platform in order to offer guarantee and fiability of information and inventory management for delivery of the immediate delivery of the fastest moving 500 products.
  • - Our company only represents brands directly and/or exclusively to guarantee the competitiveness of our prices. In addition, these brands belong to the world highest quality segment to guarantee the performance of the products.